As an occupational therapist there are a number of approaches that I use and are considered part of the scope of practice of occupational therapy. Given my experience I work with adults who are experiencing challenges in their daily life due to mental health or psychologically based issues. I use standardised assessments, psycho-education, goal setting, occupation-based activities, and person-centred wellness programmes. If you are interested in these services please use the contact me form or whats app icon. Please note these sessions are suited to those whose needs are non-urgent. If you have require immediate assistance with your mental health please see your GP, visit your A & E or liaise with the service provider you are in contact with. A HSE website provides a comprehensive list of whats available in your locality,

Occupational therapy benefits people who are finding it difficult to do their activities of daily like independently. These activities broadly fit into three categories – work, leisure and self-care. These are typically engaged in our home and in the community. They may be done alone or with others. If participating in these activities is a challenge for someone, occupational therapy determines the source of the challenge and collaboratively identifies solutions to overcome these challenges. Research has provided evidence that through occupational therapy people affected by illness, injury, and/or disability can improve the performance of their daily living tasks and have a more meaningful life. Furthermore, occupational therapy can assist people complete their activities of daily living to the highest possible level of independence.