Time waits for no-one …

I haven’t posted in a long well. Over the last months, there didn’t seem to be the right topic or the right time. My Mum always said if you have nothing good to say, don’t say anything at all. Today though I have the sense that we are emerging quickly from a difficult time in our existence. This will be easy from some and extremely difficult for others. A page I follow on Facebook called “A lust for life” recently pointed this out. It stressed we need to be patient with the different responses to this time of change. I have decided to recommence my private practice work. So if you recognise a need in yourself to address work-life balance; re-engaging in meaningful activities or rediscovering your enthuasism for life please reach out and send a message to my email address ot@oti.ie or use the contact me form. Grasping a nettle early and dealing with the issue will help you emerge from your challenging experience without delay.

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